Using A Double Towel Rack

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Ideas Towel Rack Designs

Your dual towel rack can be decorative as well as functional, to match the bathroom sink and tub elements to create a suitable decor in your bathroom.

Double Shelf and Towel Rack

1. Fold clean towels and place them on the shelf of a double frame. Hang your wet cloths on the top rail and towels in the bottom to dry.

2. Roll the towels and cloths in tubes and stack them in a pyramid on the shelf above the double frame.

3. Place, clean folded cloths and hand towels in the rack double towel rack. Fold two bath towels and fold diagonally in the upper and lower rails to form two triangles.

Double towel racks mounted on the door

1. Place a wet towel on the top and bottom rails of the door. Leave the door ajar and turn the frame on the door hinges to allow the towels to dry the air inlet.

2. Fold two decorative hand towels and two washcloths towel over the top.

3. Fold a bath towel rack  over each rail. Fold a hand towel for each bath towel in a coordinated or contrasting color.

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