The Difference Between A Closet And A Chifferobe

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Comfort Manhattan Chiffarobe

Chifferobe – Those who live in small apartments or town houses of old field know that it is difficult to manage the storage space. Many homes have few cabinets or some are inadequate, and owners must rely on other methods to store things you do not want to be seen. It is not a new problem for urban life; people who lived centuries ago invented lockers to store their weapons and then your clothes. The “chifferobes” closets, evolved after the beginning of the twentieth century.

The difference

The closet and storage chifferobe are high wooden shelves that have separate storage. They can be moved if necessary, unlike a traditional cupboard. The most significant difference lies in its configuration. A wardrobe, aka closet, usually has two doors that open spacious store, with several shelves halfway closet.

The cabinets sometimes have a pair of long drawers below the top cabinet. A chifferobe combines in one unit a tall, narrow wardrobe for hanging clothes along with a tall, narrow chest of drawers. Sometimes, instead of drawers, a chifferobe offers a series of narrow ledges. The cabinet and drawers are placed side by side in this unit.

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