Sisal Carpet Ideas

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Awesome Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpet – The sisal comes from a plant called pita or agave. It is native to the West Indies is grown in Mexico, Tanzania, Brazil, Cuba, Kenya, Madagascar among others lujares. The fibers of sisal have more than 1.5 m and are in high demand for rope-industry, even with the use of polypropylene use in ropes has decreased. The fiber is tough and just making it resistant ideal for the manufacture of carpets. Pretty good moisture resistant.

The most common are natural colors, while admitting all kinds of dyed, you can find sisal carpet in natural colors and in different colors. The sisal is used as reinforcement in plastics and furniture components or targets where you throw darts.

The sisal carpet is combined to produce different products like bricks with sisal, tiles, and insulation materials. Textiles with sisal as it can replace the glass fiber used to reinforce plastics in boats, water tanks, boats. Fabric sisal so tough that is used to polish metal but not necessary to scrape gently. The pulp and paper sisal a substitute for wood fibers. Any rug adds color and warmth to a room if it is also economical and easy to maintain the benefits multiply.

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