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Carpet Pink Carpet Runner can help determine the design theme of a room, so cozy and inviting, or modern and sophisticated area. Carpets light or neutral color is a common choice for most households; scheme allows decorating a room to include a number of colors, if desired. If your home has black carpet, decorating the space can be challenging, but there are a few decorative details can be added to the room to make it impressive.

Hang curtains in the room to contrast with pink carpet runner. If you are using white as your color scheme and black, white curtains they are an additional option, such as white curtains with black stripes. Other colors that complement the black carpet include tan or silver. Include a sofa in the family room the same color as the curtains. A white sofa in a room will look striking with black carpet and white curtains; a gray sofa will complement a black-carpeted room with silver curtains. Adding a chair in the corner that fits the color scheme.

Place pink carpet runner a rug in the middle of the room for a break in the texture of the black carpet and also highlight other colors in the room. A beige carpet fabric color is particularly striking, while a pink carpet will add a burst of color. Place a small table at the top of the carpet. A wooden coffee table that is painted white provide dramatic contrast to a room with black carpet, although other colors are included in the decorating

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