Make A Vintage Starburst Mirror

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Vintage Starburst Mirror

Set yourself a different the ideas of experts reparable home: Do It Yourself Starburst mirror to surprise her with something original, economic.


  1. Place the hook on the back of the wooden circle with a hammer, a couple of inches from the edge.
  2. Place a generous amount of extra strong glue on the other side, for attachment to the back of the starburst mirror.
  3. Approximately because if the lengths are slightly irregular will be even better. Go to stepping foot and prying, or use a saw to split.
  4. Now start gluing the strips to the wooden circle, around its edge. Glue on the cut ends to prevent chips look once hung. A good idea is to glue the smaller pieces first, making them stay in the front, for the longest stay behind and not clogged.
  5. be sure not to exceed three layers or mirror could be twisted to hang, not be flush with wooden back.
  6. Now it protect the mirror: paste paper over to cover it completely, thoroughly covering the edges with masking tape.
  7. And if you want something warmer, painted gold. If in addition the paint is metallic and covers really well, you get your starburst mirror shine much giving touch kitsch.
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