Low Pile Carpet

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Example Of Low Pile Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your purposes is more than just choosing a color or pattern you like. You need to choose whether to go for a natural or man-made fiber or a mixture of the two, and you need to decide what kind of carpet weaving to install. Low pile carpet have different properties with regard to appearance and durability, so knowing a little about each is useful to make a decision that is appropriate for your environment. All carpets begin life as loop pile carpets. During manufacture, the fibers are pushed through the backing and looped around to form the stack. Many types of carpet are left like this and remain popular. Cut pile carpets are formed when the ties are cut to leave a lot straight. In some types of carpet, only some of the loops are cut to create a cut and loop style mixed finish.

There are different styles of cut low pile carpet. Plush carpets have an almost velvety texture that looks great and feels luxurious underfoot, but is not suitable for high-traffic areas, as it is marked more easily. Saxony carpets are finished in which two or more batteries are set-twisted and heat to create a distinctive look. They are very durable, but can be prone to show footprints and vacuum cleaner trails. Textured carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas such as frieze carpets have short hair and twisted it does not mark easily.

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Low pile carpet tends to be very durable, but generally provide that styles hair cut less protection. They come in three main types. Level loop carpets are woven with loops of thread size; the tighter the yarn, the more durable and resistant to dirt from the carpet. Berber carpets loop as it does with thicker yarns and feel more luxurious but are more likely to catch and tend to trap dirt. Texture loops are manufactured with different loop heights to create patterns on the fabric surface. They are ideal for high traffic areas, but it can trap dirt as another loop styles.

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