Interior With Maroon Area Rugs

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Living Room Maroon Area Rugs

Maroon area rugs – The color of your walls and floors establishes the setting for your interior. Because of its intense, deep color, a reddish-brown carpet limits your decorating options. Choose a color scheme that complements the maroon carpet. You can either play out the color of the carpet or minimize its impact through your choice of furniture and accessories.


Paint the walls in a light, neutral color or cover them with wallpaper in a pattern that complements your maroon area rugs. For example, a cream or ivory wallpaper with a light reddish brown stripe or a floral design work. Avoid too heavy maroon accent in a pattern, but because it can be overwhelming.

Using furniture and upholstery working with maroon carpet and your decorating style. Black furniture or dark wood can make the room feel smaller and has a depressing effect when used with the dark carpet. Light wood or light-colored furniture dressed in white, ivory, cream, tan, gray or light pink pattern can light up the room. Textile pattern with a light base including certain maroon also works.

Use window treatments that play off the color of the walls. Selecting maroon drapes may be too much, especially for a smaller room. Use curtains with a light, neutral base and a simple design or maroon area rugs stripe.

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