Ideas For Tufted Ottoman

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Sole Designs Round Button Tufted Ottoman

The tufted ottoman is one of the most useful furniture in a living room, working both as a foot rest and as a separate chair or table games. An easy way to add another useful ottoman dear is to make it a practice area saved. It is perfect for storing games, linens or toys children. Also ideal for last-minute reforms, almost every ottoman can quickly and easily transform storage space using basic tools and a set of hinges. As required short upholstery is best to do this project with an older ottoman.

Cut the top of the tufted ottoman cushion using the cutter blade and passing on the outside of the cabinet, as deep as possible. Cut just below the seam of the upper cushion if it is not separated by a deep seam. Remove completely the top cushion, cutting strips or additional closures, and set aside.

Clears the access to the database of the tufted ottoman from above by removing the material covering the top of the lower portion of the cabinet. Cut this material with the cutter or remove the screws or nails that hold a solid piece of material such as wood.

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