Ideas For Round Coffee Table

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Round Coffee Table For Living Room Decoration Ideas

Add some whimsy to the decor of your party with a center table with a funky tank at a round coffee table. The main center is a large transparent latex balloon half filled with water. Small plastic fish and coral and sand craft fill another quarter of the globe, leaving the remaining quarter to fill with air. The filled and tied balloon is placed on the table with the knot down. As the sand settles and the floating fish, a colorful ocean scene is formed.

Mix fruit and flowers to make a modern round coffee table. A cubic clear glass vase filled with green grapes, red grapes and a little water creates an elegant base and unusual for design. A tall, thin three bird of paradise flowers , white orchids and pale green orchid bouquet standing on the base to give a tropical feel to the modern style.

Make a round coffee table stepped medium elegant and shiny with a stand for cupcakes and votive candles. A stand for cupcakes has three round glass stands, one large, one medium and one girl, on a small pedestal. Place candles in small round silver base and top to create many sparkling flames. Cover the middle tier with small to provide a subtle contrast round white candles.

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