How To Troubleshoot A Frigidaire Stackable Washer Dryer

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Best Stackable Washer Dryer

Although the company manufactures stackable washer dryer separately for domestic use, also sells stackable units that can be useful for small spaces such as apartments or small laundry rooms. The stackable units work well with little difficulty; however, if problems occur, fix the problem might help identify the problem and the possible solution.


  1. Make sure that the stackable washer dryer is properly connected to a functioning power outlet if the unit will not start.
  2. Stop the stackable washer dryer and open the cover if you hear a grinding or rattling sound during use. Coins, pens or other hard objects that have fallen out of the pockets make noise in the unit.
  3. Stop the machine if you hear a squeak or detect a smell of burning rubber. Reduces the number of objects in the washing machine and re-start the wash cycle.
  4. Adjusts the level of the legs of the unit, if it vibrates or moves during use. Make sure that all four feet off the ground and are level.
  5. Open the dryer and remove the lint filter if it is not working as expected. Clean the lint filter and put it back in the dryer. This process must be previously before use.
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