How To Restore Butcher Block Table

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Antique Butcher Block Table

Butcher table is a free add-on in your kitchen. It is used in rustic or modern kitchen. By restoring an old table or damaged we mean that you can do on your own. It’s an easy process and once you’re done with that, it will make you feel happy for reuse. We will give new life to an old butcher block table with a facelift soothing. Tools needed: paint scraper for scrubbing, brush sander.

  1. Protect surrounding surfaces Deeply Clean area butcher block table and make sure there’s no dust or grease on it.
  2. Start Hand scrape the surface of the butcher block table scraping using the paint scraper. It must be in the form of scraper and could well scrap.
  3. To remove stains removing stains from solution made ​​of water and household bleach mixed.
  4. The surface of the sand for your safety, you can wear gloves and a mask or goggles. Start sanding with 80-grit sandpaper track, followed by 120 grit after that, take sandpaper 240 grit to finish the sanding process.
  5. Apply mineral oil Take a clean rag to clean mineral oil (you can get it in store pharmacy) and leave the table absorb. Once oil soaked Recoat.
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