How To Repair Fluffy Carpet

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Awasome Fluffy Carpet

Fluffy Carpet – Burns iron in the carpet may occur occasionally. Maybe you’re in hurry ironing and the iron will escape the hand or perhaps leave the iron on the donkey and accidentally falling on the carpet. No matter what happens, it is likely to leave a very visible black mark. You do not have to change the entire carpet to repair the damage. With a little patience, you can make the damage to the carpet almost invisible. Use a knife to remove as much of the burned carpet as you can. Try to shave only the outer fibers where the burn is.

Use scissors to cut the fluffy carpet fibers in a part that is not visible, such as behind the couch or in a closet. Put a drop of waterproof adhesive on a toothpick and placed him adhesive on the front of the carpet, in the area where rasuraste fibers.

Carefully place the carpet fibers, taken from hidden area on the adhesive. Be sure to place them vertically, like other fibers to make them look natural. Continue gluing carpet fibers until it looks fluffy carpet and burned with an iron unnoticeable area.

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