How To Protect The Carpet Stair Treads

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Whether it dirty footprints of their family or pets, dents moving furniture up and down stairs, or spills, accidents are bound to happen to the carpeted stairs. Learn the proper and most efficient way to protect the carpet stair treads so is essential if you want your carpeted to keep it as clean and trendy as possible stairs.

Clean up all spills quickly to prevent the liquid from soaking in and dirty carpet stair treads. Vacuum the stairs regularly to remove dirt and debris. According to the extension of the Colorado State University, vacuuming, it is often recommended as dry soil particles run down on the carpet fibers and may scratch, leading to premature wear of the carpet.

Keeps direct sunlight out of their carpet stair treads placing mini blinds on their windows. Direct sunlight can cause the carpet to disappear and become cheap looking. The carpet runners, as rugs Saver, The corridors of the absorbent mat. Get your carpeted stairs professionally cleaned on an annual basis.

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