How To Identify A Real Chesterfield Sofa

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Black Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield sofa, which are characterized by the plush leather, decorated with scrolls and arms covered bronze nails have been a symbol of fine craftsmanship and durability since late 1700 While many manufactured imitations sold through furniture dealers , Chesterfield sofas authentic, besides being handmade, have certain features remarkable .


  1. In Chesterfield Sofa, an online resource in the UK, it is specified that the authentic Chesterfields use panels with layers of filling high quality wrapped in horsehair. Mane, a filler introduced by German furniture manufacturers and upholstery used in the centuries, is used in the manufacture of furniture of high quality. The sofa cushions are formed foam core high quality and again wrapped in horsehair.
  2. Authentic Chesterfield sofa is made with full aniline leather hides, not divided or artificial skin substitutes. According to the Glossary of Irving Tanner skins, aniline leather is immersed in a dye bath.
  3. Authentic Chesterfield sofa usually have feet shaped bun made of mahogany. Frames, although difficult to inspect, also built by hand with dry woods such as beech and birch.
  4. Authentic Chesterfield sofa has wide arms, decorated with scrolls and laminated backs. The folds of skin, ending in wells tufted, are finished with leather covered buttons.
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