How To Display Picture Frames On A Hallway Table

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Show pictures of your friends and family is a creative way to honor and keep in mind the relationship you have with the ones you love most. Display your photos on a hallway table, credenza or cabinet aisle and you will be including your loved ones in your home decor.


  1. Place each photograph in a frame. Use frames in a variety of styles and do not hesitate to take one very ornate and a completely simple. Make a combination of metal, glass and wood to create an interesting, natural and fluid arrangement.
  2. Place a decorative lamp or vase-what it louder in a corner of the hallway table. This will act as an anchor in the array.
  3. Add the photographs framed to fill the remaining space on the hallway table or cabinet. Arrange the images to create a nice and neat affect, Alter alas as necessary to ensure that all are visible to passing down the hall.
  4. Place a small detail, bauble or curiosity cabinet on the hallway table or if you have much space to fill. However, remember that “less is more” when it comes to good taste. Leave some spaces remaining to keep your clean, smart and tidy decor in hallway table.
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