How Much Fabric To Reupholster A Twin Sleeper Chair

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Cheep Twin Sleeper Chair Design

The fabric upholstery can be expensive. When the amount of fabric needed is calculated to reupholster a twin sleeper chair, the goal is to buy enough fabric, plus 10% extra for accessories or for further arrangements

Fabric for upholstery: The upholstery fabric is printed with a design superior in twin sleeper chair perpendicular to the selvage edge, which is the grain that goes along. Calculate the yardage: Use the graph paper, and with the same scale of 6 square inches (15 cm), created a piece of paper that represents 16 yards (15 m) of fabric. 16 yards (15 m) is a typical amount of fabric for a sofa. If the fabric has a width of 54 inches (1.35 m), the paper will have 9 squares x 96 squares. Count the number of squares along the edge of the “fabric” you used. Multiply this number by 6 and divide by 36 to determine the basis of yards needed. Add 20% for seams, folded parts, the parts where you have to match the design twin sleeper chair , future repairs and, if you need, add 4 yards (3.6 m) for the coin toss.

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