Hardwood To Carpet Transition

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Amazing Hardwood To Carpet Transition

The installation of a transition piece of hardwood to carpet transition flooring to carpets is not as difficult a task as it may seem. Transitions made pre-made to match all the main types of wood floors are available in the same place where you bought the wooden floor, many stores or home improvement. These parts are designed to fit in thin metal brackets mounted on the floor allowing the transition has no visible screws or nails. The installation usually takes about 30 minutes and can be performed easily by one person.

Measure the length of the necessary hardwood to carpet transition. Also measure the width of the space and locate the midpoint between the carpet and hardwood. Make sure that the gap between the carpet and wood is free of debris, dirt, or anything else that can prevent the installation of the transition and the metal bracket to the ground.

Place the stand in the gap, centered on the line to get it straight and evenly from side to side as it can get. Insert the flat-head screws that come with the hardwood to carpet transition kit into the holes and use a drill to push down flush with the bottom of the bracket. Cut the transition piece to fit the length of the gap between wood and carpet.

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