Frieze Carpet Is Most Popular Style

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Frieze Carpet Samples

Frieze carpet, pronounced “free, say,” is one of the most popular styles of carpet because of its strength and wear resistance of the construction. It is hiding footprints and vacuum tracks. They are constructed with a high level of torque carpet, which relates to the treatment of the yarn during manufacture. The more the wire is twisted, best done under the feet and resists wear and tear of traffic. For this reason, the real it is expensive. It is often confused with the road less as Berber carpet, and is known as “true Frieze.”

Frieze carpet has a high level of rotation, up to 9 turns per inch, while most carpet styles have 3.5-5 turns or twists per inch. It is dense and no dirt and dust as easily as carpet styles remains more loosely constructed. The frieze construction combined with a strong fiber such as nylon or wool makes it one of the highest quality carpets.

Frieze carpet is available in different types of fibers, including acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester and wool. Acrylic and polyester fibers are cheaper, nylon and Wool are more expensive fibers, . The better, more durable it is made from nylon or wool, stronger fibers for carpets.

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