Decorate Bedroom Area Rugs

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Modern Bedroom Area Rugs

Bedroom area rugs can be flexible accessory in a bedroom, especially one with a wooden floor. In addition to bringing color, texture and style to a room, rugs can be functional additions to a bedroom, especially during the long winter months when the floor is cold. Choosing bedroom area rugs that match the décor and color scheme of your room can positively affect the appearance. Strategically placing area rugs in your bedroom can largely determine the decorative and functional value of these rugs.


Determine which areas in your bedroom could most use an area rug and determine how many bedroom area rugs you want to place in your room. Consider placing rugs just inside the door to your room, at the foot of your bed and the side of the bed at the location where you step when you get up in the morning. Decide if you want a long runner area rug in the middle of the room.

Consider the size of your room when choosing the size and shape of your area rugs. Choose smaller rugs if you have a small room; sized carpets in a small rug can create a cramped feeling. Put down larger rugs if you have a very large room; this can help to create a more intimate feel in a large room. Choose simple shapes if you have a smaller room to keep the style rational and efficient space.  Add your carpets in the locations you’ve designated. Flatten them and ensure that each of the Velcro straps is lined up. Go over the mats to ensure they do not slip.

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