Cocktail Tables Vs. Coffee Table

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Modern Cocktail Tables

A long low table that often is placed against a sofa is known as a coffee table or cocktail tables. Without requiring necessarily is placed against a sofa, this table is designed for placing beverages.


Before nineteenth century, low tables were known as simply tables or cocktail tables. They were used to place drinks and books and folders, and were adorned with flowers, placed in front of chairs in a room or rooms.

Defining nowadays

Today manufacturers can use terms, coffee table or cocktail tables, with different sets of tables, but there is no notable difference with two associations.


A coffee table or cocktail can be constructed with different materials, wood being most used. Bamboo, metal, glass and even plastic are some common options. Two small low set on each side of an armchair square tables can also be called coffee table or cocktail.

Another name

With changing lifestyles, rooms of a house are taking different meanings in socialization, at work and at play. A coffee table is used for games, for laptops or puzzles. Who knows what name will refer the coffee table in the future.

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