Carpet Underlayment In Easy Install

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Modern Carpet Underlayment

Correctly installing carpet underlayment really worth longevity and beauty of your carpet, if carpet is being installed in a basement on concrete or on a wood subfloor. Installing subfloor will also save yourself money.

1 Measure room to be carpeted. Divide square footage by 9 to determine number of square meters. Amount of base coat required is same as quantity of carpet required. If temperature is very cold or very hot, let carpet underlayment to sit in room before installing it for at least 24 hours, but 48 hours, if possible, allowing you time to adjust to temperature ambient.

2 Run seams of layer opposite to direction carpet installed base. Unroll base layer from wall along with foam side down and plastic vapor barrier on top. Stagger joints of each row of carpet underlayment. Final installation should look similar to laying bricks for a patio or sidewalk jagged appearance.

3 Apply a moisture barrier if subfloor on a concrete floor is installed. If concrete is smooth and flat, apply a moisture barrier on base layer to prevent moisture penetration up on carpet. For concrete that is uneven, you may need to install a floating subfloor before installing subfloor.

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