Best Of High Traffic Carpet Rooms

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Best High Traffic Carpet

Choosing carpet for your home can be a confusing decision because of the wide variety of fibers, textures and colors. One type of carpet can offer a more luxurious look, while others offer greater wear resistance. Always consider the location to determine what type of carpet wear get. Some types of carpets best offers wear in high traffic carpet area of the house. Most homeowners know instinctively what areas of your home are high traffic areas. These areas see the constant foot traffic or are meeting areas of the house where family and friends gather. Hallways, stairs, family room and entrances are the main areas of wear, but other areas such as living rooms, children’s rooms and computer rooms can also see heavy use.

The ability to fight against dirt and stains can also be a concern in rooms where spills or activities of children create a mess. High traffic carpet that can withstand constant foot traffic, the bending of the fibers and wear will keep these areas looking tired and worn out after frequent cleanings. High traffic carpet is often made of wool, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene, and the number of mixtures. Nylon is considered the most challenging use of these carpet fibers, according to the expert in the carpet in the Home Carpet Shopping Alan Fletcher website.

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Nylon provides sufficient resistance to crushing, removing stains and wears for busy families and those with children and pets prone to accidents. It’s easy to clean and shows wear under all types of carpets. Darker colors stand up to high traffic better than light-colored carpets, especially in areas near the doors where dirt and slush winter can be tracked at home. Dark colors are easier to keep clean in the play areas and family rooms as well.

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