Best Computer Armoire

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Awesome Computer Armoire

Choose computer armoire that complements decor of room where furniture will be placed. Design elements include material used, and color and decoration outside. Both computer furniture incorporated as independent must have doors.

Make sure your desk is at least 30 inches (75 cm) deep to allow monitor to be at proper distance from user. Adds a keyboard tray that is below height of your elbows when sitting, Make sure there is room under keyboard tray for a chair.

Install a shelf for monitor can be placed right at eye level. In designing computer armoire, note that chair and keyboard have to be aligned with monitor

Make holes in back of computer cabinet that cables can go directly to an outlet with surge protector behind unit, to avoid any loose inside.

Build a cabinet with drawers on wheels that can be inserted for extra space. When not in use, should be able to be stored inside computer armoire and be hidden behind doors

Place a low shelf, next to CPU of computer. Make several small drawers and cabinets design. Use every inch (cm) of space available for storage but keep desktop clear. Make a big to secondary elements such as fax and printer shelf.

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