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If the wear on the edges of the carpet is the result of damage caused by pets or problem children, or frayed edges are an eyesore. Even a new, clean carpet will look old and worn if the edges are not well served. When the carpet begins to show deterioration at the edges, follow these simple steps you solutions to this problem by maintaining the floor in –The Best Carpet Edge Trim condition.

Identifies the best carpet edge trim loose threads as soon as possible. If you know that your pet has a tendency to pull the carpet from the bathroom door, keep an eye on this area to repair the damage as soon as possible. Cut long and loose strips. Never pull on the loose threads of the carpet as this will make the piece begins to unravel. Cut out the dangerous wires carefully. Remove the baseboards or edges of the carpet in areas that have been hit hard, or do it when you have retired. Stretch the carpet so that it is flat and place it back in place using carpet tacks. After replacing the baseboards or edges.

Put a thin line of adhesive seam carpet under the edge of the carpet. He pulls the carpet to tighten the best carpet edge trim and press down to stick the adhesive. This will keep the edge on the affected area, making it more difficult to lift and fray again. Prevents further damage. If your carpet is frayed due to the actions of the pets, that bite or pull it, spray the carpet with bitter apple or other pet repellent (see Resources). This is not harmful to your

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