Application Of Beige Plaid Carpet

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Ideas Of Plaid Carpet

Vinyl graphics or inspired beige plaid carpet patterns of cement tiles embellish any interior. Washable and waterproof, existing in many sizes, they easily find their place in the majority of your living rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall …).

Beige plaid carpet lightweight and easy to install, they require no glue or double-sided tape. Indeed, the quality and density of vinyl allow the beige plaid carpet to ask the ground with a draping effect striking. Carpets Beira Floor is quality carpets that will give character and originality to your home button.

Installation: Place the beige plaid carpet rolled up carpet in the sun or 50 cm from a source of gentle heat for half an hour. Rotating the mat to another time until it softens somewhat. Spread the carpet on the floor. When the beige pliad carpet cools, it flattens out completely with a draping effect. Cleaning: You can clean the beige plaid carpet with soap and water on both sides and let it dry. Recommendations: Do not use acid or chlorine, do not move heavy furniture on the beige plaid carpet, and do not fold the mat. Leave it flat or wrap

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