Amazing Ideas For Beadboard

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Beadboard At Kitchen

Grooved beadboard panels are traditionally placed on walls. Most people install it with vertical slots, which give you a feeling striped panel. It commonly used in bottom half of a wall with a handrail or upholstery on upper edge. However, beyond wall applications, it can wear many areas of your home.

Protective slab kitchen

Beadboard is also used as a protective slab kitchen. His look defined creates a cottage style in your kitchen area. it slabs offer an alternative to traditional tiles for those wanting something different. However, slab will surely splatter grease and food particles and clean slots it can be a challenge.


A boring shelf with beadboard is renewed. Remove back of shelf and replace it with a piece of it cut to size. Also, you can cut individual sections to fit in back between each shelf. Smaller portions are attached to regular it backing rack.


Area of ‚Äč kitchen cabinets can also be applied it completely different. You can place it on back of cupboard, ideal for open cabinets or those with glass doors. Another option is to cut center panels of cabinet doors and replace them with it. Existing edge of doors thereof creates a perfect setting for new application.

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